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Countless awards and a world record: all in a career’s work for Joe Sun

Chances are, you’ve changed jobs in the past couple of years. And if not, your current boss may be a bit worried that you’ll be leaving in the near future, as the typical employee only spends an average of 3-5 years with each employer.

There’s no one singular reason to explain why the lifespan of a career or job change is so short, but some of the more common explanations employees give for making the switch is because of the company culture or their relationship with their manager, to earn a higher salary,  or for a better opportunity for career advancement.

So while many people today may not be spending their full career (or even a significant portion of it) with one employer, we all love hearing the stories of those who’ve found their dream job and have been able to spend their career doing something they not only enjoy doing, but something that they believe in. Joe Sun is one of those stories.

Joe has been with Manulife in Hong Kong for over six decades – 62 years, to be exact – making him a legitimate legend in the company. When Joe first joined Manulife in 1954, he was a standout among 400 other applications, and was hired along with six others to join the 20-person team. Since then, he’s racked up countless company awards during his career as an insurance agent, and today, he’s one of nearly 7,000 advisors on the Hong Kong team. 

1959 - Joe and his colleague, SK Lee 1971 - Attending a conference in Taiwan 1977 - Joe and his wife, Helen

In addition to the length of career, there are two notable achievements to mention. First off, not only is Joe well into his 63rd year with Manulife, he started when he was 28-years old. If math isn’t your strong suit, we’ll spell it out: Joe Sun is now 91 years old, and still as energetic as ever. Most of us are planning to wind down our careers in our mid-sixties, but Joe is still going strong.

And second, as our longest-serving employee, Joe was recently earned the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSTM title for holding the world’s “longest career as a corporate salesperson.”

World records aside, Joe shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, he’s said that he’s “enjoyed every moment of my first six decades with the company.”

To Joe, thank you so much for your first 62 years with us. We can’t wait to see what records you take over next.

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