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Manufacturers P&C Limited (MPCL) is a long-term and well-established player in the highly specialized market of property and aviation retrocession, and in 2011 celebrated its 25th anniversary.  MPCL offers its clients superior financial security and provides a valuable service offering customer-focused solutions to help them manage the earnings volatility that results from large catastrophic property and aviation events. We serve all our clients from our office in Barbados.

What are Reinsurance and Retrocession?
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What are Reinsurance and Retrocession?
Reinsurance is insurance purchased by an insurance company (the ‘ceding company’ or ‘cedant’) to cover all or part of certain risks on insurance policies issued by that company.  In other words, reinsurance is the transfer of insurance risk to another insurer for a price.  The reinsurer agrees to provide coverage for all or part of the losses that the ceding company may incur under certain policies of insurance issued by the ceding company.

Through reinsurance, risks can be redistributed among several reinsurance companies.  A reinsurer often cedes risks to another reinsurer in a transaction known as retrocession.  Retrocession is essentially insurance for reinsurance companies.  The company that reinsures risks, ceded by a reinsurance company through retrocession, is known as a retrocessionaire.  Retrocession increases the capacity available in the reinsurance market, and therefore increases the capacity available to insurers and the insurance market in general.  A large dispersion of risk also creates diversification that ultimately reduces the overall cost of risk.

Insurance, reinsurance and retrocession protections involve the transfer of insurance risk at a certain price. The process of determining the underlying risks and the corresponding price for the transfer of such risk is called underwriting.

Management Team
Claudio Macchi Craig Doughty Mark Ferguson Matthew Radoux Renee-Springer Haynes
Claudio Macchi
President &
Chief Executive Officer
Craig Doughty
Vice President &
Chief Financial Officer
Mark Ferguson
Vice President, Underwriting
Matthew Radoux
Renée Springer-Haynes
Director & Controller

Board of Directors
Chairman: Claudio Macchi, President & CEO, Manufacturers P&C Ltd., Barbados
Director: Steve Roder, Senior Executive Vice President & Group CFO, Manulife Financial, Canada
Director: Dr. Erwin Zimmermann, Zimmermann Advisory, Switzerland
Director: Andrew Thornhill, Attorney-At-Law, George Walton Payne & Co., Barbados

Media Contact
Sean Pasternak
Director, Media Relations
416 852-2745 

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