Manulife Re

Manulife Re

Manulife Re is the global reinsurance operation of Manulife Financial Corporation. We serve all our property and casualty clients through Manufacturers P&C Limited*, located in Barbados. We are a long-term and well-established player in the highly specialized market of property and aviation retrocession, and in 2011 celebrated our 25th anniversary. Manulife Re offers superior financial security and provides customer-focused solutions that help our clients manage the earnings volatility that results from large catastrophic property and aviation events.

Management Team

Claudio Macchi Mark Ferguson Renee-Springer Haynes Candace Cooper
Claudio Macchi
President &
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Ferguson
Vice President, Underwriting
Renée Springer-Haynes
Vice President &
Chief Financial Officer
Candace Cooper 
Vice President & Actuary

Board of Directors
Chairman: Claudio Macchi, President & CEO, Manufacturers P&C Limited, Barbados
Director: Steve Roder, Senior Executive Vice President & CFO, Manulife Financial Corporation, Canada
Director: Dr. Erwin Zimmermann, Zimmermann Advisory, Switzerland
Director: Andrew Thornhill, Attorney-At-Law, George Walton Payne & Co., Barbados

Office Contact
Manufacturers P&C Limited
The Goddard Building, Haggatt Hall
St. Michael
Barbados BB11059
(246) 228 4910

Media Contact
Sean Pasternak
Director, Media Relations
416 852-2745

Financial Statements
2015 Financial Statement
2014 Financial Statement
2013 Financial Statement
2012 Financial Statement
2011 Financial Statement
2010 Financial Statement
2009 Financial Statement
2008 Financial Statement

*Manufacturers P&C Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manulife Financial Corporation