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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions including stock information, financial results, annual reports, owning shares and buying shares.

Where can I get an annual report?

Annual reports are available on our website for viewing or download.

If you wish to receive a printed copy via the mail, please send an e-mail to and we would be pleased to send one to you free of charge. Provide your name and full mailing address (including country and postal code) in your request.

Please specify the form numbers and language preference of the document(s) you wish to receive.

English Proxy Circular - IR3827E
Annual Report - IR3928E

French Proxy Circular - IR3827F
Annual Report - IR3928F

Subject to availability, you can also request an Annual Report by contacting one of our local transfer agents.
Canada United States Hong Kong Philippines

What is the date of the 2016 Annual Meeting of Shareholders?

The Annual Meeting for Manulife Financial Corporation shareholders is scheduled for Thursday, May 5, 2016.

Where can I find Manulife stock information?

Click here to see the stock quote. You can also check daily stock exchange listings under MFC (or 945 in Hong Kong) in your local paper or through many financial websites.

What exchanges are MFC shares listed on?

Manulife Financial is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange and the Philippines Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol MFC and on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong under symbol 945.

When are financial results released?

Manulife Financial’s business quarters are based on calendar quarters and the release dates for financial results are announced in our events calendar. These results are available on our website and are published in local papers.

When will I receive my tax reporting on share sales?

If you participated in a Manulife sponsored share sales program or sold your shares directly through one of our transfer agents, your tax reporting information is provided to you with the sale proceeds at the time of the sale. It is important that you keep this information for your records, as no separate tax reporting will be sent.

What is the tax Cost Basis for shares received through the demutualization of either Manulife or John Hancock?

Both the Canadian and US tax regulators ruled that shares received through Demutualizations such as those of Manulife and John Hancock have a tax cost basis of zero.

Manulife Financial Corporation (“MFC”) is aware that, in the US, the IRS has been challenged on this at least twice and both times the courts have disagreed with the IRS position but have not provided any specific method of determining what the cost basis should be. We believe the IRS is assessing their position on this matter however, to date, we have received no new guidance from them. We recommend that shareholders discuss this matter with their tax advisors to determine how best to proceed in their specific tax situation.

Please note: Neither MFC nor our stock transfer agents can provide income tax advice.

Can I buy MFC shares through the Company?

If you are a Canadian or U.S. resident, you may enroll in the Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Share Purchase plans which will allow you to buy shares directly. Click here to find out more about these plans.
Canada United States

If you are not a member of these plans you may buy shares through any registered stockbroker. Please contact your broker for more information.

Brokerage account holders must contact their brokers or the intermediary through which they hold their shares.

Shareholder Services at Manulife can be reached at via e-mail to