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Contact Shareholder Services

You may contact Manulife Financial Corporation's Shareholder Services Department as outlined below.


Call Shareholder Services toll free within North America at 1-800-795-9767.
For calls outside North America, please call (416) 926-3000, ext 221022.

(416) 926-3503

Shareholder Services Department
Manulife Financial Corporation
200 Bloor Street East, NT-10
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 1E5


Unclaimed MFC Shares/Share Dividends?

Lost or Unclaimed Manulife Financial Corporation/John Hancock Financial Services Shares/Share dividends?  
If you have lost track of your MFC or JHFS shares, think you may have uncashed share dividends or that your shares/dividends may have already been escheated* - contact our stock transfer agents to find out the status of your share account. 

Canada: Contact Canadian Stock Transfer
Phone   1-800-783-9495

United States: Contact Computershare Shareowner Services
Phone   1-800-249-7702

If you think you should have received shares or cash when either Manulife Financial or John Hancock became publicly traded companies (demutualized) contact us directly at or call us at 1-800-795-9767, ext 221022. 

Still not sure or need more help? 
Contact the Shareholder Services department at Manulife Financial Corporation directly:
Phone: Toll Free: 1-800-795-9767, ext 221022
Fax:        416-926-3503

Escheatment* All of the states in the United States and the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec in Canada have Lost/Abandoned Property laws which require that any property considered abandoned is sent (escheated) or reported to them after a specified period of time. Once the property is turned over to the regulatory authorities you must deal with them directly to have your property returned. Please contact us if you need assistance with this.

Attention Pennsylvania residents: Manulife has directed Computershare (our US stock transfer agent) to contact Pennsylvania resident shareholders of MFC common shares to avoid their shares and uncashed dividends being declared as abandoned under Pennsylvania’s new abandoned property definition. More information.