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October 17, 2011

Manulife Philippines launches Asia Pacific Bond Fund[1]

A fund managed by fixed-income experts based on the ground in 10 Asian markets

Makati City - Manulife Philippines has announced the launch of the Asia Pacific Bond Fund, a new US Dollar-denominated variable unit linked fund that generates returns through a mixture of Asian currencies, interest rates and bonds of primarily investment grade. 

The fund aims to maximize potential total returns over a medium-to-long term period through a combination of capital appreciation and income generation.  It invests in a diversified portfolio of mostly investment-grade, fixed-income securities issued by governments, agencies, supra-nationals and corporate issuers from across the Asia Pacific region.  

“With the Asia Pacific Bond Fund, our policyowners will now have the potential to generate higher earnings for their US Dollar assets through predominantly investment-grade fixed income securities.  The fund is designed such that earnings are derived from three components, specifically: currency, credit and interest,” said Indren Naidoo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Manulife Philippines. “The Asia Pacific Bond Fund is designed as a forward-thinking investment alternative for clients who maintain US Dollars in popular financial instruments such as time deposits, CASA (Current Account/Savings Account) and US Dollar-denominated bonds of local issuers,” Mr. Naidoo further added.

“Many people who have US Dollar investments are looking for opportunities to invest in higher quality bond funds,” said Mr. Naidoo. “The Asia Pacific Bond Fund is a good alternative investment outlet for investors given its predominantly investment grade credit quality. The fund aims to generate competitive returns not only from interest rates and credits but also through the potential appreciation of Asia currencies such as the Chinese Yuan.” Mr. Naidoo added.

The Asia Pacific Bond Fund is managed by Manulife Asset Management’s Asia fixed-income team and draws on expertise of more than 40 fixed income investment professionals based on the ground in 10 markets across Asia. This includes a team of 16 local credit research analysts. Explaining its significance, Endre Pedersen, Managing Director, Asia Fixed Income at Manulife Asset Management and the fund’s manager said, “As Asian debt financing increases, Manulife Asset Management uses its teams of on-the-ground fixed-income managers and credit research analysts to unearth opportunities in under-researched credit, currencies and interest rates across Asia. We make use of our extensive team of on-the-ground credit analysts across Asia to give every bond we purchase an internal rating. This in-depth credit research is a key edge for customers given that coverage of the local bond markets by rating agencies and brokerage firms is limited in certain markets in Asia.”

The Asia Pacific Bond Fund is available as one of the investment options under Manulife’s Affluence Max, which is a single-pay, variable life insurance product that seeks to give the policyowner the best possible return on both their investment and their built-in insurance protection coverage.  Affluence Max has a guaranteed insurability endorsement (GIE) feature that allows for applications without the need for medical examinations.[2]

To know more about the Asia Pacific Bond Fund, contact Manulife Philippines at (02) 884-7000 or e-mail or a Manulife financial adviser.

About Manulife Philippines
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company opened its doors for business in the Philippines in 1907.  Since then, Manulife’s Philippine Branch and later The Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. (Phils.), Inc. (Manulife Philippines) has grown to become one of the leading life insurance companies in the country.  Manulife Philippines is a wholly-owned domestic subsidiary of Manulife Financial Corporation.

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Manulife Asset Management has offices with investment capabilities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. In addition, it has a joint venture asset management business in China, Manulife TEDA. It also has operations in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Uruguay. As at June 30, 2011 total assets under management were US$ 217 billion. Additional information about Manulife Asset Management can be found at

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[1] The Asia Pacific Bond Fund is available through Manulife Philippines’ USD-denominated Affluence Max investment-linked insurance product.
[2] Up to a certain single premium amount only and subject to a maximum issue age.