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Thank you to all health care heroes. You are essential. We are grateful.
Thank you to all health care heroes. You are essential. We are grateful.
Thank you to all health care heroes. You are essential. We are grateful.
On behalf of our team around the world, we would like to thank those who are standing up to fight for us during these challenging times. Manulife has contributed over 4 million dollars in charitable donations.

We also provided relief across the following fronts:

Food security for the most vulnerable by partnering with food banks and distribution organizations

Supporting the well-being of health care workers

Enabling mental health support through digital programs 

Offering financial relief to customers

Facilitating matching donations and virtual volunteer programs

Gratitude to all healthcare workers

We would like to thank everyone on the front-line who are so courageous in helping others during these challenging times.  Together, we will get through this.

Share in our donations today

The social and economic impact has been especially difficult for people who are already vulnerable, including children, seniors and people experiencing homelessness.  
We need your support, now more than ever! Please share in our support to help our local communities by donating to the following charities:

Charities spotlight


The Manulife CIFAR Population Health and Well-being Grant Program is funding six research teams focused on population health and well-being related to COVID-19. The current COVID-19 crisis has created substantial challenges on mental health, equity, community and social interactions. All these challenges need to be studied and addressed through the Population Health perspective to achieve full recovery and reopening from the crisis and sustained health and well-being for the future.


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Community Food
Centres Canada

Community Food Centres Canada is providing emergency relief during this COVID-19 crisis to our most vulnerable neighbours including children, single parents, Indigenous people, seniors, and those on disability. Manulife has matched donations of $150,000.

Your generous gift will ensure that food and supplies reaches those most in need, through CFCC's network of 183 Good Food Organizations and 13 Community Food Centres, in 175 communities across Canada. 


GlobalMedic is a registered Canadian charity with almost 20 years experience providing humanitarian aid and a focus on keeping people healthy when they lack access to life’s necessities including safe access to food. Manulife has matched donations of $100,000.

Your gift will allow GlobalMedic to distribute food kits and build critical infrastructure tents and deliver hygiene items, like bar soap, to local shelters.

The Food Bank of
Waterlooo Region

Through community partnerships, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region obtains and distributes emergency food and vital supports from our neighbours for childrem seniors, families, and individuals.

Your gift will allow The Food Bank of Waterloo Region to fill gaps in their inventory, maintain operational activities, ensure continued service delivery to the Community Food Assistance Network and help people in our community confronting food insecurity.

Boston Resiliency Fund

The Boston Resiliency Fund invests in organizations that provide food for children and seniors, remote learning technology for students, and support to first responders and healthcare workers.

Your gift helps to provide food for children and seniors, technology for remote learning for students, and support to first responders and healthcare workers in the City of Boston. 

Moisson Montréal

Moisson Montréal, the largest food bank in Canada, gathers food donations and basic products all year long, and distributes them free of charge to community organizations on the Island of Montreal.

Through their multiplier effect, a $50 donation feeds 3 families for one week.



Community Chest 

Community Chest supports vulnerable groups disproportionately affected by the pandemic like adults with disabilities, children with special needs and youth-at-risk, persons with mental health conditions and vulnerable seniors through 200 social services programs delivered by over 80 social service agencies in Singapore.

Your gift helps to provide funding towards these important programmes, so that social service agencies can continue to render vulnerable communities the critical support they require. 

St. Michael's logo

St. Michael's Foundation 
COVID-19 Courage Fund

The St. Michael's Foundation COVID-19 Courage Fund has been set up to help the most vulnerable members of our community, and provide its courageous health-care heroes with essential medical supplies and equipment to ramp up testing and deliver life-saving interventions. 

Your gift will support St. Michael’s globally renowned scientists in their race to end this pandemic. 


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Hospitals spotlight

In Canada and around the world, healthcare systems are overwhelmed. Hospitals and healthcare charities are doing all they can to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are in desperate need of support to aid their responses – purchasing necessary equipment, supporting staff, and more.
Our frontline health care workers are taking extra risks, extra measures, working longer hours, and leaving their families at home to provide world-class medical care for the people who need them most.
Manulife is supporting this critical work by providing meals and snacks to keep our healthcare workers going at the following hospitals:
VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation: COVID-19 Response Funds
Calgary Health Trust: The Clean Hands, Giving Hearts COVID-19 Response Fund
University Health Network: Emergency COVID-19 Fund
Jewish General Hospital Foundation: JGH COVID-19 Fund
Fondation Cité de la Santé: Fonds d’urgence Covid-19
IWK Foundation: COVID-19 Response Fund