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John Hancock took another step in redefining the life insurance model by including John Hancock Vitality on all our U.S. life insurance policies. It’s a bold move that reinforces our belief that your life insurance company should help you live a longer, healthier life.  John Hancock Vitality is a technology-enabled wellness program which provides our customers with information, support, incentives and rewards that can help them stay active, eat well and live healthy.    

“For centuries, the insurance model has primarily provided financial protection for families after death, without enhancing the very quality it hinges on: life,” says Marianne Harrison, John Hancock President and CEO. “We fundamentally believe life insurers should care about how long and well their customers live.” 

Proven results

John Hancock began offering John Hancock Vitality as a rider on its life insurance products in 2015 to address a troubling shift in Americans’ health that had resulted in lifestyle diseases being the leading cause of death. To face this challenge, John Hancock partnered with Vitality to offer a wellness-based program that’s built on the convergence of behavioural science and consumer technology, and incentivizes and rewards customers for making healthier choices every day.

As you can see from the highlights, the results are compelling: 


John Hancock Vitality policyholders take nearly twice as many steps as the average American (1)


And they've logged more than three million healthy activities including walking, swimming, and biking (2)

“The remarkable results of our John Hancock Vitality offering convinced us this is the only path forward for the industry,” explains Brooks Tingle, president and CEO, John Hancock Insurance. “We have smart phones, smart cars and smart homes. It’s time for smart life insurance that meets the changing needs of consumers. Offering John Hancock Vitality on all life insurance policies, at no additional cost, is the right thing to do for our customers, our business and society.”

Available around the world

Manulife offers similar products around the world. In Canada, we are extending Manulife Vitality to our group benefits customers, offering it at no additional cost to companies that want to make it available to their employees. In Asia, we continue to expand ManulifeMOVE to more countries in which we operate. 

Manulife has signed a global pledge with Vitality to help make 100 million people 20% more active by 2025.

(1) Steps data from, July 2015.    
(2) Data based on policyholder experience since inception in the U.S., April 2015.

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