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Make a difference with analytics

Our Advanced Analytics teams use predictive modelling and machine learning on large volumes of data using the latest technology to drive value for the company.

Analytics is changing the world. Data professionals, it's your time to shine.


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How we differentiate ourselves

We operate in Canada, U.S. and twelve countries in Asia. This generates a large and diverse set of structured and unstructured data sources. We leverage this data by applying advanced analytics models to yield better data-driven decisions for our customers. 
We have a culture that is based on continued learning and collaboration. We are focused on delivering quality outcomes for our business partners that meet their needs and expectations. To grow and develop our team members, we offer rotational job programs, tailored data science training programs, best practices demos and analytics competitions.

Our work

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Talent Analytics
Retaining top talent is important to every organization's core capabilities. Advanced Analytics teams are developing machine learning and predictive models to identify key drivers of attrition to enable leaders to make better workforce decisions.


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Digital Analytics
Insurance industry is undergoing a significant digital transformation across functions to form the basis for customer centricity. The Advanced Analytics team is deploying digital analytics measurement, reporting, and optimization frameworks to support the digital growth focus. Digital Analytics will enable Manulife to evaluate marketing effectiveness, facilitate data-driven digital interactions and personalization, and open new data channels to enrich our understanding of our customers.

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Modernizing underwriting
Buying a life insurance product can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. To improve our customer experience, the Advanced Analytics team developed a predictive underwriting model that significantly reduces the time to underwrite a policy for qualified applicants. For those applicants, the algorithm can predict smoker status removing the need to undertake specific medical tests.


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Fraud detection
With extremely large volumes of daily insurance claims, identifying fraudulent claims can be a very challenging task. The current process for many organizations is very labour intensive. However, this represents an opportunity for our Advanced Analytics teams develop fraud detection models through supervised machine learning and anomaly detection techniques to better support our claims department.

Connect with our Advanced Analytics leaders

Cindy Forbes
Chief Analytics Officer

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Laura Cao
Chief Analytics Officer
Asia Segment

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Eugene Wen
VP, Group Advanced Analytics
Group Functions

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Dave Keirstead
AVP Advanced/Operational Analytics
Canadian Segment

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Lynda Adend
VP Data Intelligence
JH Retirement Plan Services

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Michal Levitzky
Sr Director Advanced Analytics
Audit Services

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Ben Schwartz
AVP Advanced/Operational Analytics
Manulife Investment Management

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Robi Krempus
AVP, Head of Marketing Analytics and Data Management
John Hancock Investment Management

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Meet the team

Senior Director

William Liao

I’m a senior director in Asia regional Advanced Analytics team based in HK. Over the past year or so, this new regional team has come a long way activating the team mandate, which is to serve as the key business enabler by providing analytics solutions across the business value chain. This means turning complex data into insights, through in-depth quantitative analysis. It means uncovering customer product purchase path to recommend the next best offer to empower front-line sales staff. It also means building predictive models that predict the likelihood of future events throughout a customer’s lifecycle - be it likelihood to buy or likelihood to lapse, just to name a few, for better decision making. One of the predictive models we built for Japan was utilized for campaign targeting by local agency channel. The model predictions generated really strong incremental lift, and the campaign was able to more than double its average APE per lead.

The Asia regional analytics team only has a handful of team members. While all being seasoned analytics professionals, we each came in with unique areas of strength and expertise. It feels truly refreshing to work in an environment with such great team spirit where we learn from each other and back each other up when faced with challenges. Manulife operates in 12 countries in Asia. Working in the regional team also means there is great diversity in the people, business situations, and culture background that we deal with on daily basis. This, in my opinion, is the added benefit and excitement to the job.

Our opportunities

We are continually looking for talented individuals to join our Advanced Analytics teams across the globe (Canada, USA and Asia). Below are some of our current opportunities:

Senior Data Scientist

Associate Data Science Engineer

Data Science Engineer

Do you want to help shape the future of analytics at Manulife?

With our full-time 24-month program in data science and data engineering for graduates, you’ll get world-class experience in multi-dimensional, complex analytic initiatives at a global financial organization. To learn more about the rotational program and job responsibilities, click the posting below. 

Advanced Analytics Development Program