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Manulife launches new flagship critical illness plans ManuBright Care 2 and ManuBright Care 2 Plus

July 27, 2020

Offering well-rounded continuous care benefits and extended protection beyond critical illness including market-first disability care booster and financial relief for intensive care


Hong Kong – Manulife Hong Kong today announced the launch of two new critical illness (“CI”) plans, ManuBright Care 2 (“MBC 2”) and ManuBright Care 2 Plus (“MBC 2 Plus”) (the “Plans”), designed to provide well-rounded and continuous protection for customers up to the age of 100, covering up to 112 critical illnesses and diseases.

Upgraded from ManuBright Care CI plan, Manulife’s new Plans cover customers with well-rounded continuous care benefits for cancer, heart attack and stroke. Innovative new features including market-first extra 100% claims for post-critical illness disability care and a payment for treatment in an intensive care unit (“ICU”) protect customers against uncertainties arising from future unknown diseases and injuries.

Damien Green, Chief Executive Officer of Manulife Hong Kong and Macau said, “Hong Kong people are health-conscious and would be even more so in the light of pandemic. Our recent customer research already showed that 34% of existing CI plan owners may consider increasing their critical illness coverage in the next six months[1]. We’ve seen critical illness recurrence and survival rates increasing over time. Each recurrence presents an imminent financial challenge to patients, because of costly medical treatments. As a trusted health partner, we think beyond critical illness care and give customers more holistic support on their recovery journey.”

After the first claim for any major critical illness, customers can still receive continuous care benefits that give two extra rounds of coverage for cancer and an extra two occurrences for heart attack or stroke, each at 100% of the notional amount, up to age 85 of the life insured. In addition, MBC 2 Plus provides customers with more timely financial relief every year for cancer treatments. Interim booster payments of 30% of notional amount will be available in the second and third year respectively after major claims for cancer treatments, with total protection up to 480% of notional amount.

Market-first disability care booster

The Plans feature a market-first benefit, disability care booster, to ease the financial burdens from long-term care caused by post-critical illness disabilities. One-third of cancer patients, for example, require assistance to perform basic “Activities of Daily Living”.[2] Counting from 180 days after the diagnosis of the first major critical illness claim, if the life insured cannot perform two or more out of six identified “Activities of Daily Living” and requires the physical assistance of another person throughout the entire activities for 180 consecutive days or more, an extra 100% of the notional amount will be paid out to support the customer. Those identified activities are namely washing, dressing, transferring, mobility, toileting and feeding.

Some illnesses develop fast and become critical, often leading to intensive care treatment. In 2003, for example, around 20% of SARS patients needed to be admitted to ICU[3]. To offer extended protection in consideration of this, the Plans cover diseases identified and not identified in the policy and goes beyond pandemic. A payment valuing 20% of the notional amount will be available as an immediate financial relief, if the life insured stays in ICU for consecutive 3 days or more, even from unknown diseases, injuries and serious infections not among the 112 critical illnesses and diseases covered under the Plans.

Wilton Kee, Chief Product Officer and Head of Health at Manulife Hong Kong said, “Certain illnesses such as cancers can be a recurring battle. But the good news is that with medical advances and appropriate cancer treatment, the five-year survival rate is around 70%[4]. That’s why our new solutions are designed to provide customers with continuous protection from treatment through recovery. In view of heightened risks of unknown diseases we even go extra miles to cover customers for potential burdens from intensive care and disabilities.”

Other key features include:

  • Premium guaranteed with no increase throughout the premium payment period selected. There are four premium payment periods to choose from: 10, 20 and 25 years or up to age 65 of the life insured.
  • Cover against conditions stemming from congenital diseases. Some hereditary conditions may remain undetected for years until they develop into critical illnesses. To offer an extra peace of mind, the Plans cover critical illnesses arising from congenital conditions as long as the signs and symptoms remain undetected before the policy is issued and within the first 90 days after the policy is issued.
  • Premium waiver when a critical illness strikes. The premiums for the policy can easily become an added financial burden. When a major critical illness benefit is paid, all future premiums for the basic plan will be waived.
  • Life protection plus long-term savings. If the life insured passes away, a death benefit, equal to 100% of the notional amount, will be paid. Alongside that, the Plans give a guaranteed cash value and maturity benefit. The Plans offer a one-off non-guaranteed terminal bonus payable upon the payment of the first major critical illness claim, when the policy is cashed in, when the policy matures or if the life insured passes away, whichever is earlier.
  • Inflation protector option to keep up with rising costs. To keep pace with inflation, there is an inflation protector option with extra premiums, which will automatically increase the critical illness coverage as well as death benefit by 5% of the initial notional amount each year, for up to 10 consecutive years. The increased notional amount of the policy will remain unchanged even after the inflation protector option ends.
  • Join ManulifeMOVE for free and enjoy a premium discount of up to 10%. The life insured is eligible to be a ManulifeMOVE member if aged 18 or above. By achieving the required daily step average for each MOVE reward level, there will be a premium discount of up to 10% upon policy renewal for the next membership year.

Special customer offers

From now till October 19 this year, customers can enjoy early bird offer of up to 20% premium discounts in the first two policy years combined[5].

For more details about ManuBright Care 2 and ManuBright Care 2 Plus, please refer to the product brochure available at


[1] Source: Manulife’s Changing Consumer Sentiment/Behaviour Study in Hong Kong (June 2020). This online survey sampled around 1,000 consumers aged 18 or above.

[2] Source: Disability in activities of daily living among adults with cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Cancer Treatment Review

[3] Source: SARS in the Intensive Care Unit, PubMed

[4] Source: Cancer Facts & Figures 2020, Five-year Relative Survival Rates for Local at Diagnosis, US, 2009-2015, American Cancer Society

[5] Subject to Terms and Conditions.

To help customers fight a wide range of critical illnesses, Manulife Hong Kong has launched two new flagship critical illness plans, “ManuBright Care 2” and “ManuBright Care 2 Plus”, offering continuous protection from treatment through recovery. Damien Green, Chief Executive Officer of Manulife Hong Kong and Macau (left), and Wilton Kee, Chief Product Officer and Head of Health at Manulife Hong Kong (right) unveil these two new plans.
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