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Manulife-Sinochem Partners with Haodf to Bring Better Healthcare Solutions to China


September 24, 2019


Shanghai, China – Manulife-Sinochem Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (“MSL”) today announced that it has reached a long-term strategic partnership with (“Haodf”), China’s leading online medical platform. The partnership will provide MSL’s customers with access to the highest quality medical resources in China and further enrich the “health ecosystem” that MSL is committed to offer. At the same time, Manulife Financial Corporation (“Manulife”), the shareholder of MSL, also completed its strategic investment in has 210,000 registered doctors, which makes it one of the largest, most respected medical professionals service online network in China. 87% of the doctors registered on the platform are experienced doctors with medium-grade or advanced professional titles, and 73% of the doctors are from first-class state hospitals. MSL’s customers and their family members will have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality services from Haodf, including accessing family doctors, tele-consultations, hospitalization appointments, medical expert services and comprehensive medical treatment. MSL will work with Haodf to develop tailor-made protection products to meet the diversified needs of Haodf’s more than 56 million users.

“In many parts of Asia, including China, health insurance markets are booming," Manulife Asia President and CEO Anil Wadhwani said. “Our clients need high-quality medical services with more immediate response, which is also the reason why we are keen to invest in digital innovation, such as through our strategic investment in Haodf. We intend to leverage the power of technology to help our customers better manage their own health needs.”

“The partnership with Haodf marks an important milestone to differentiate our health strategy and offerings to our customers. We have successfully developed a holistic health management ecosystem, covering healthy lifestyle, healthcare services, online medicine prescription and delivery, as well as medical protection products for our customers,” said Kai Zhang, CEO of Manulife-Sinochem. “By leveraging digital technology, we have enabled our customers across the country to have the privilege of enjoying high-quality medical resources and extended healthcare services further to our protection products. In addition, the partnership will also incubate a series of innovation on healthcare and protection products that will add value to medical services and online medical treatment.”

“Technological innovation has created tremendous opportunities for smart healthcare and the development of the healthcare system. Big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies are playing an increasingly important role in strengthening health treatment and the provision of insurance,” Hang Wang, CEO of, said. “By combining MSL’s extensive experience in promoting health for over two decades together with the advanced medical platform services provided by Haodf, our exciting new cooperation is expected to help drive the transformation of medical services from offline to online, alleviate the current geographical limitations and shortages of medical resources, and accelerate the digitalization and commercialization of health management services.”

MSL has long been an advocate for encouraging customers to acquire more health protection by embracing a healthy and active lifestyle. By combining professional resources and customer insights from both sides, MSL and Haodf will join forces to help transform the healthcare industry and the insurance industry, with the ultimate goal of improving the delivery of quality healthcare services and accelerating the development of a health management ecosystem.


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About, as one of Hu Dong Feng Technology (Beijing) Co., LTD's website, is a specialized platform in doctor-patient service, who focuses on online graded diagnosis and treatment model. Through the PC side and a plurality of mobile terminal entrance to provide pre-hospital doctor-patient consultation and disease management after hospital for doctors and patients, Haodf establishes close partnerships with the doctors. Website:


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