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Manulife spearheads MPF e-Statement & e-Notice adoption

Launching ‘Go Paperless’ Education Aid Program motivates members to opt in

(From left to right) Isabella Lau, Chief Customer Officer of Manulife Hong Kong, Raymond Ng, Vice President and Head of Employee Benefits of Manulife Hong Kong and Josephine Lee, Chief Executive Officer, St. James’ Settlement introduced the details of “Go Paperless” Education Aid Program, which encourages MPF members to opt for e-Statement and e-Notice to provide under-resourced students with better e-learning opportunities.
March 5, 2020


Hong Kong – TA recent Manulife survey has revealed that Hong Kong people are unaware how much paper is used in the MPF annual statement pack while a small change can help the environment. As the MPF market leader[1], Manulife Hong Kong is striving to promote electronic statement by launching the “Go Paperless” Education Aid Program in collaboration with local charitable organization St. James’ Settlement. This project encourages Manulife MPF members to opt for e-Statement and e-Notice, while Manulife will donate up to 400 iPads[2],[3] to provide under-resourced students in local primary schools with better e-learning opportunities.

To understand MPF members’ attitudes towards electronic statement, Manulife conducted an online survey in December 2019. Among the survey’s 607 respondents, almost two-thirds (63%) still received annual statements in paper form, of which 36% were unaware whether electronic annual statements were available from their MPF scheme providers. Encouragingly, more than half of the respondents were supportive of electronic statement, which included those already receiving electronic statement (29%), and those who prefer electronic statement when reviewing their MPF schemes’ annual performances if available (26%).

Many survey respondents underestimated how much paper was used in their printed MPF annual statement packs[4]. The survey showed that around three quarters of those receiving paper statements believed their MPF annual statement pack comprised 10 pages or fewer, when in reality annual statement packs from various MPF service providers can go over 30 pages in length. Adding to the waste of paper, about 40% of respondents stated that they disposed paper copies within a year.

In 2018, there were a total of 9.76 million MPF accounts held by a total of 4.37 million scheme members[5]; up to 70 million pieces of paper were used in Hong Kong for various communications materials sent to MPF scheme members. That number is equivalent to about 8,000 trees being cut down[6].

“Manulife is actively working to digitize our services as much as we can to provide our customers with the most convenient and efficient experience possible,” said Isabella Lau, Chief Customer Officer at Manulife Hong Kong. “The results of our survey indicate great potential for encouraging take-up of e-Statement and e-Notice. We are excited to add extra meaning to this digital service by teaming up with MPF members to provide our next generation with better e-learning opportunities.”


“Go Paperless” Education Aid Program

Manulife’s “Go Paperless” Education Aid Program is a new community project in partnership with St. James’ Settlement to donate iPads3 to primary schools in the 2020/21 school year, based on the number of Manulife MPF members who opt for e-Statement and e-Notice. The program aims to drive positive behavioural change among MPF members to help reduce paper usage while offering better e-learning opportunities for under-resourced local students.

Raymond Ng, Vice President and Head of Employee Benefits at Manulife Hong Kong said, “As a leader in the MPF industry, Manulife is committed to giving back to the community by leading the ‘Go Paperless’ initiatives that create a long-term sustainable impact to the society that we serve. We encourage Manulife MPF members as well as the public at large to opt for e-Statement and e-Notice, not only to enhance efficiency, but also for the benefit of our environment as well as future generations.”


Every opt-in counts!

From now until June 30, 2020, as more MPF customers opt for e-Statement and e-Notice, Manulife will donate iPads3 through this education program. The more opt-ins Manulife receives, the more iPads3 will be donated to students. Manulife has pledged to donate 400 iPads3 if the number of opt-ins reaches 15,000.

Josephine Lee, Chief Executive Officer of St. James’ Settlement said, “E-learning is a popular way of teaching both now and in the future. It gives students a more interactive and engaging way to acquire knowledge. But many schools and families are still deprived of e-learning opportunities because they lack the necessary digital tools. We are grateful to Manulife for initiating this ‘Go Paperless’ program and to its MPF members for supporting it. The more members support it, the more needy students will benefit from e-learning.”

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[1] Manulife remained the largest MPF scheme sponsor with a higher market share of 23.8% based on assets under management as at December 31, 2019 and 36.8% in terms of estimated net cash flows for the period from October 1 to December 31, 2019. Source: Table on p. 6 of Mercer MPF Market Shares Report as at December 31, 2019.

[2] Manulife will donate 100 iPads to local primary schools through St. James’ Settlement in the 2020/21 school year if the number of customers who opt for the e-Statement and e-Notice services is less than 10,000. If 10,000 - 14,999 customers opt for those e-services, a total of 200 iPads will be donated. If 15,000 customers or more opt for those e-services, a total of 400 iPads will be donated. Terms and conditions apply:

[3] iPad is a registered trademark of Apple. Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.

[4] The MPF annual statement pack includes a Contribution Statement and a Fund Transaction Statement. A fund fact sheet is also included.

[5] Source: Statistical Analysis of Accrued Benefits Held by Scheme Members of Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme, Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, 2019:

[6] Source: Concerted efforts to drive digital transformation of MPF, Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, 2019:


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