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How Cory became Manulife Vitality’s top points earner

September 16, 2021

Waterloo, ON – While many people have struggled to stay on course with health and fitness through the pandemic, Cory George’s desire to keep moving every day has only grown stronger. On Jan. 1, 2020, he vowed to run 5 km every day – with no rest days – for as long as possible, and he’s never looked back.

As a result of his dedication, Cory has earned more than 18,000 Vitality Points™ so far this year – making him the top points earner in Canada in 2021. “Truthfully, Manulife Vitality has been a huge motivating factor for me,” Cory said during a recent call from his home in Waterloo, ON.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, making Cory’s feat even more relevant. Manulife Vitality behavioral insurance helps make customers’ decisions easier and lives better by providing financial protection while rewarding them for making positive choices that support their health, like getting active and eating healthily.

Using the Manulife Vitality mobile app, customers can easily track healthy activities and then earn points toward some great rewards – such as Apple Watches, Garmin wearable devices, gift cards and more.

“By providing the opportunity to earn Points for making healthy choices and staying active, Manulife is not only helping to keep me healthy, both physically and mentally, for myself and my family – they’re making leading a healthy lifestyle a lot of fun,” Cory said.

“Knowing the points that I earn by tracking my activities through the app can be put towards some great rewards keeps me feeling challenged and motivated. And I’m saving money on my insurance premiums[1] at the same time. It’s a win all around – and a no-brainer.”

Sure, there are days when Cory doesn’t feel like lacing up and pounding the pavement. But that’s when he gets creative with his running routine.

“A few years ago, I transitioned to more project-based running – runs that give you tasks and challenges to complete as you go,” he explained. “I follow several ultra-runners online who find fun ways to challenge themselves.

“One of them ran every single street in San Francisco. So, I decided to run every street in Waterloo. It took me a couple of months, but I did it – and I discovered new places and some really interesting facts about my city along the way. 

“I’ve also set out to say hello to everyone I’ve passed on a run. Other days I’ve run my route backwards. They (challenges) definitely add more excitement to each outing.”

Having his wife and children lace up alongside him some days – following in his fitness footsteps – also helps Cory stay focused on his goals.

“My kids used to ride their bikes while I ran next to them; now they run with me,” he said. “It’s nice that we can get out and enjoy running together.”

Cory doesn’t see an end to his 21-month running streak in sight. In fact, the thought of veering off course now only increases his determination.

“I understand the inertia some people feel about exercise; if it’s a slog, you won’t do it,” he said. “You need to find something you enjoy. The key for me has been making it fun, interesting, and challenging – and Manulife Vitality has been there, literally every step of the way, keeping me inspired, on track and – above all else – healthy.”



Eligibility for rewards may vary or change over time and are not guaranteed over the full life of the insurance policy.

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[1] Savings opportunity applies to Individual Insurance customers only.