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Manulife Hong Kong launches new Manulife Bright Care PRO plan offering market-first late stage cancer treatment benefit*


  • Affordable and well-rounded coverage for customers worried about rising medical costs
  • First-in-market late stage cancer treatment benefit that offers support for customers seeking overseas treatments or off-label / clinical trial cancer drugs
  • Includes coverage for ADHD, with special Parental Compassionate Premium Waiver to give families added peace of mind



July 25, 2023  


HONG KONG – Manulife Hong Kong announced today the launch of Manulife Bright Care PRO, a specially designed critical illness plan providing extensive coverage for up to 123 critical illnesses and diseases up to the age of 100, along with extra financial support for overseas or non-conventional treatment for late stage cancer – all at an affordable premium.

The new plan caters to the diverse needs for critical illness coverage by introducing a first-in-market late stage cancer treatment benefit and coverage for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as protection against other juvenile diseases. To offer further protection against the most prevalent critical illnesses, the plan provides multiple coverage for cancer, heart attack (myocardial infarction) and stroke, all of which have a high recurrence risk. Additionally, it offers two tiers of protection for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) stays, providing extended protection against non-designated critical illnesses and injuries, as well as the added benefits of a Parental Compassionate Premium Waiver and a level, guaranteed premium.

“With surging medical costs and the financial burden posed by critical illnesses, it is crucial for people to have access to affordable and comprehensive protection for both themselves and their loved ones,” said Danny Lee, Chief Product Officer, Manulife Hong Kong and Macau. “According to the recent Manulife GBA Health Protection Survey, Hong Kong consumers face the burden of allocating a significant portion of their average monthly income to cancer treatment, revealing the pressing need for affordable yet comprehensive critical illness coverage. Our new plan aims to fill this need by providing a range of features that offer customers the financial support they need to choose their most suitable cancer treatment and recovery options.”


First-in-market late stage cancer treatment benefit to bolster chances of recovery

Advances in medical technology and diverse treatments have broadened patients’ medical journey and allowed for more effective management of late stage cancer, providing renewed hope in the battle against this disease. Manulife Bright Care PRO offers a first-in-market late stage cancer treatment benefit, providing additional financial support for overseas treatments that are not available locally or require long waiting times at home. Additionally, the plan supports off-label or clinical trial cancer drug treatments recommended by doctors when conventional treatment options do not work well or have intolerable side effects.

The new benefit aims to provide a financial safety net for customers with late stage cancer, who may need to access overseas treatments or off-label / clinical trial drugs, in order to pursue life-saving treatment options.


Includes coverage for ADHD and Parental Compassionate Premium Waiver  

Manulife Bright Care PRO is also unique in addressing the growing prevalence of child mental disorders such as ADHD which affects 6.4% of children in Hong Kong[1], by covering 19 juvenile diseases including ADHD, autism, and Tourette syndrome.

The plan also comes with a Parental Compassionate Premium Waiver. Without requiring a body check or answering health questions from the policyowner, this waiver provides that, if the policyowner were to pass away at or before the age of 75[2], and the policyowner’s child is the life insured, premiums for the basic plan will be waived until the life insured reaches the age of 25. This extra benefit offers peace of mind and financial security to families during an especially difficult time.


Get incentivized to MOVE for better health

Good planning and leading a healthy life are among the best preventions for critical illnesses. Customers aged 18 or above insured by Manulife Bright Care PRO can join the award-winning ManulifeMOVE program. New MOVE members who achieve the required daily step average outlined below will be eligible for a premium discount of up to 10%[3] on Manulife Bright Care PRO upon policy renewal.


MOVE reward level

Required daily step average

Premium discount

(applicable to the premium due and payable in the following policy year)

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Terms and conditions apply. For more details and risks about Manulife Bright Care PRO, please refer to the product brochure.

The content of this press release does not contain the full terms of the policy(ies), and the full terms can be found in the corresponding policy document(s). Before making a purchase, customers are encouraged to read the policy provisions for the exact terms and conditions that apply to these products.


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* The statement we have made about this feature / benefit being ‘first in market’ is based on comparisons with other publicly available critical illness plans issued by Hong Kong’s major life insurance companies for individual customers as at July 24, 2023.


[2] The Parental Compassionate Premium Waiver is applicable to the policy which is issued before the Life Insured reaches the Age of 18. In addition, the policyowner must be the life insured’s parent and is on or before the age of 50 at (i) the issue date of the policy or (ii) the policy year date or (iii) the date of endorsement for change of policyowner, whichever is later. This benefit will be effective 2 years after (i) the issue date of the policy or (ii) the policy year date or (iii) the date of endorsement for change of policyowner or (iv) the effective date of reinstatement, whichever is later. This benefit is payable if the policyowner passes away on or before reaching the Age of 75.

[3] The relevant premium discount is subject to terms and conditions. Manulife reserves the right to change, terminate or cancel the premium discount without prior notice. Please refer to the website for the terms and conditions, and the latest updates.