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Manulife’s young leaders tackle rising pollution from single-use face masks

September 17, 2020

  • Manulife LEAD Asia talent development program prepares associates for leadership roles
  • Teams develop innovative strategies to help keep single-use face masks out of the world’s oceans 

TORONTO –Manulife is calling on its next generation leaders to help create solutions that mitigate the environmental challenges posed by the increasing reliance on single-use face masks.

An estimated 129 billion single-use face masks are currently being thrown away every month, according to BBC News.[1] Used masks cannot be safely recycled, and most are being disposed of as general rubbish. According to research conducted by Hong Kong-based OceansAsia and other marine conservation experts around the word, many masks are already ending up in the world’s seas, where they pose an immediate and critical danger to marine life and create environmental pollution that will persist for hundreds of years.

While mask-wearing is being encouraged to help curb the spread of COVID-19, communities are also grappling with how to reduce the pollution that has come with it. How to balance these imperatives was the complex challenge presented to young executives in Manulife’s LEAD Asia graduate development program.

Working with OceansAsia, the LEAD management associates have proposed a range of innovative solutions to raise greater awareness and potentially tackle what is fast becoming a global issue. The solutions ranged from creating a digital platform to engage customers and raise awareness, with gamification elements, to organising direct action for beach clean-ups. Manulife introduced the Asia LEAD graduate development program in 2018 with the aim to train high-potential millennial talents as the company’s future leaders. Emphasising Leadership, Experience, Advocacy and Development, LEAD offers business rotations, social learning and advocacy experience over an intense 18-month period that takes candidates on local and overseas assignments and through classroom-based curricula and experiential programs. Over the past few months, the LEAD program has moved into the virtual world to promote social distancing.

“Manulife empowers our young leaders to contribute to global issues in ways we can all be proud of. Our LEAD program provides new graduates in Asia with real world training and experiences so they can contribute not only at work, but in the community. We are very proud of how they have responded to this challenge, which is a very practical way for them to make people’s lives every day better,” said Anil Wadhwani, President and Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Asia.

“Seeing Manulife’s next generation leaders tackling ocean pollution is very encouraging. Healthy marine ecosystems are critical to all life on this planet, not just as a food resource for billions of people but to providing us the very air we need to breathe. Their fresh and novel ideas are helping us work towards not only addressing the issue of properly disposing face masks, but importantly eliminating single-use plastics in our environment,” said Gary Stokes, Founder, OceansAsia.

The first cohort of LEAD management associates will take up positions across various functions and offices in Asia where Manulife operates. For more information on the Manulife LEAD program, visit:

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[1] BBC News:  


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