This is you, unlimited

Are you looking for unlimited opportunities to develop and succeed? We offer work that challenges and makes a difference within a flexible and supportive environment, so you can help make decisions easier and lives better for our customers.

A customer-centric culture

“Manulife fosters a customer-centric culture that gives you the flexibility as an employee to ensure that we stand behind our products and services, ultimately allowing us to do what is right for the customer.”


– Godfrey J., Director, Disability Operations, Canada

An inspiring team

“What I love about Manulife is that we have great people. I get to work with and learn from brilliant people across our business every day.”


– Dave K., AVP, Advanced Analytics, Canadian Division

Unlimited opportunities

"Being part of a global organization is of great importance to me. I believe it creates unmatched opportunities for career growth and development.”


– Susan C, AVP, Shared Applications Services, U.S.

Rethinking the fundamentals

“I consciously made a move out of the banking sector to join a forward-thinking company like Manulife. Here, we're always looking for better ways to do business, including rethinking our financial modelling based on economic fundamentals.”


– Henry L, AVP Model Risk Management, Canada

Explore our opportunities

When you join Manulife, you’re starting an exciting journey that can take you anywhere you want to go. You’ll work with a global team of colleagues who share your ambition to build a career that brings challenge and opportunity through impactful, transformative and rewarding work.


Our actuarial professionals play a key role in building and maintaining Manulife’s success through product development and business valuation. We foster an environment that allows actuarial talent to become outstanding business leaders and achieve their career goals. There are extensive opportunities to progress into diverse roles offering continuous development and professional growth.

Advanced Analytics

Our Advanced Analytics professionals use predictive modelling and machine learning on large volumes of data to drive value for the company. With operations in Canada, U.S. and Asia, we are continually looking to grow and develop our teams. 


Whether it’s a website, printed brochure or social media, we believe in the power of communication to support collaboration and information sharing across our global organization and with our customers.

Customer Service

Our goal is to put the customer at the centre of everything we do and there’s no better area to do that than customer service. If helping people is your passion, we want you to be the first point of contact our customers have with Manulife. Our customer service teams excel at listening and offering solutions, and treating every customer with courtesy, dignity and respect.


Finance professionals play an integral role in the success of Manulife. Whether your expertise is in audit, tax, derivatives, financial analysis or another aspect of finance, the diversity of our products and businesses provides you with a broad scope of opportunities.

Human Resources

HR plays a key role in our company. Providing strategic consulting services to each of our divisions by understanding their business objectives, defining the impact of these objectives to our people and implementing effective solutions, HR helps us deliver on our strategic goals.


Our HR team is a global team, designed to deliver programs and solutions that are developed globally and implemented locally. Typical roles include the business partner and consultant role, compensation, communications, reporting, talent management, learning and development and strategic initiatives.

Information Technology (IT)

Global Information Technology maps the future of our business through technology with the overall objective of using technology effectively and efficiently to enable the business. We have teams throughout the world helping businesses execute a variety of initiatives.

We are always looking for skilled, motivated and talented people who thrive in a fast-paced, team-based environment that fosters collaboration. The specific skills and experience we look for vary by role and by business.

Marketing and Product Development


Our marketing teams take our products to market. From market segmentation and distribution channel strategy to the development of marketing and communications materials, they continually look for innovative ways to better address the diverse needs of our customers, including financial advice, product features and where and how they prefer to make their purchasing decisions.


Product Development

Developing innovative and forward-thinking solutions for customers is what drives our product development teams. These teams conceive, evaluate and develop ideas for new products and then bring them to life by determining strategy, competitive positioning and market focus. The product development teams work closely with marketing to develop effective campaigns designed to educate, inform and differentiate our products in the market.

Risk Management

Risk management is a core strength and focus of our business — from the design of every product we sell to the direct oversight of our company’s senior management. Manulife has a rigorous global risk management framework. This framework requires each individual product in every market to meet strict enterprise-wide risk management criteria on its own merit.


Corporate Risk Management is engaged in risk oversight for all of Manulife’s principal risks on an enterprise-wide basis. As such, roles within the department vary in scope but are generally involved in establishing key risk policies and related targets or limits, developing measurement methodologies and tools, monitoring the Company’s risk exposures against targets and assessing the effectiveness of risk management strategies. To fulfill these functions, employees require a fundamental understanding of financial markets and models and a sound knowledge of the Company’s businesses, strategies and products.


Underwriters are needed to identify and calculate a policyholder’s risk of loss. They also work to establish appropriate premium rates, and to write policies that cover these risks.

At Manulife, there are two areas where underwriters provide value.  In the Individual Insurance business, an underwriter assesses the financial risk of prospective and in-force clients. They will also:

  • Assess risks and determine appropriate rates
  • Assist sales in establishing and maintaining business relationships
  • Provide on-going client support through problem resolution
  • Work with Client Financial Reporting to ensure the timely release of financial reports to our clients.


Underwriters at Manulife also provide services within Group Benefits. Group contracts are making up an increasing proportion of insurance sales, particularly in life and health insurance. A standard group policy insures everyone in a specified group through a single contract at a standard premium rate. The group underwriter analyzes the overall composition of the group, assuring that total risk is within the Company’s overall risk tolerance.

Wealth and Asset Management